Ampax Hotel. Accra, Ghana.

(This post is based on my experience in 2013; things may have changed with this hotel now)

SDC10959 SDC10960

As my house is based in Kumasi, when my mother, brother, and I arrived in Accra late at night, we had no option but to stay at a hotel for the night. My older brother, who lives in Ghana, had booked it. Due to this, I have no idea how much the night cost him, and I have no interest in ever finding out (lol)

The 3 of us shared a room. The room had the following:

  • A king-sized bed (with no sheets).
  • A small old skool TV (you know the ones with the big behinds??)- We gave it a try & it didn’t work.
  • A wooden desk with a few drawers. -This was handy as it meant we could place a few of our items on there.
  • Air conditioner.

Anyways, if you don’t already know, Ghana has Dumsor-Dumsor (light off) issues, and so on this night; we were greeted with this problem. However, because we were staying at a hotel for the night, it would have made sense for the hotel to have a Generator right?? Well, thank God that they did.

As soon as the light went off my older bro, alongside some of the locals (as they couldn’t find the boss/staff of the hotel) went to go and sort out the Generator. “Awesome!” I thought, once this issue had been sorted, “Now I can go and have a quick shower”.

I wasn’t impressed with the bathroom and toilet. There was no “hotel” feel to it, it was built like they simply couldn’t be bothered to impress their guests, and to be honest I felt uncomfortable using the shower. Seemed unclean. Nevertheless I firmed it and had a straight cold shower as they had no hot water.

SDC10948 SDC10949 SDC10950 SDC10951SDC10952

Long story short, I ended up having my first shower back in the Motherland in the dark. The Generator was faulty, and although it made a ridiculous amount of noise for the majority of the night, IT WAS NOT WORKING!!!!!! To make matters worse, it took about 2-3 hours before they finally switched the damn thing off, meaning that we couldn’t sleep as our window was placed right next to all this palava.

When we finally got some peace and quiet a group of people thought it would be awesome to be stood directly in front of our window and hold a lengthy and rather loud conversation!

No staff member from the hotel came to see if we were ok, or needed anything. We also weren’t offered any food or beverage.

This was my first experience of staying at a “hotel” in Ghana (and I use that term loosely), but in the near future, I’ll definitely look into hotels out there myself, and will make sure that I do thorough research.



  1. I think you need to find out the price, before criticising. You might have gotten the value of what you paid for.

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