Le Comptoir, Marrakech

Image taken from comptoirmarrakech.com
Image taken from comptoirmarrakech.com

Le Comptoir is exceptionally beautiful. It has great décor and I loved the ambience. The dim lights with candles lit everywhere gave the place a very intimate feel, and although I went with my girls, I’d also highly recommend here for a date.

I think it’s definitely worth having a few drinks at their patio before enjoying a meal inside.

Le Comptoir’s Patio- Image taken from TripAdvisor

The food was well seasoned and the cocktails were up to scratch!

Teriyaki Salmon
Teriyaki Salmon

For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the dessert I had after it, but I am currently typing from Heaven, almost a year later (LOL!)

The customer service here was exceptional, with staff members continuously happily catering to our needs and even giving us their personal recommendations.

The belly dancers were amazing, and really friendly. At one point all the girls and I started dancing with them (but unfortunately neither of us caught it on camera).

I can honestly say that I had 1 of the best nights of my life at this location. Although it was pricey (190 dirhams +) , it was definitely worth it! 10/10


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