Riad El Sagaya- Morocco, Marrakech.

Last summer, my girls and I went on holiday to Morocco, Marrakech for 1 week. At the time I had no idea that I would end up writing a post about this experience, so please forgive me for the lack of photos.

Upon arrival, my girls and I were not impressed by the look of this Riad from the outside. However, Yassine, a staff member, warmly greeted and welcomed us in and to our pleasant surprise the Riad looked lovely inside. (A classic case of don’t judge a book by its cover ay!)

The interior décor was lovely and had a pool surrounded by beautiful tiles, which allowed us to sit and admire the view or simply relax.


As there were 6 of us in total, 2 members of the group took the downstairs ensuite. This consisted of a big lounge room with a pool table. A door led to their bedroom and inside the bedroom there was a door leading to the bathroom. My bedroom was upstairs. It consisted of two beds (1 for me and my girl) and a beautiful wooden desk in-between our beds, which allowed us to place some of our belongings. Above our bed was a huge bookshelf, which contained hundreds of books relating to Moroccan culture. A huge wooden wardrobe was to the left hand side of my bed, and had more than enough room for my girl and I to share. As well as the bedroom section, there was a joint spacious lounge room that had a comfortable sofa, TV, a desk, as well as a mirror for us to use.

A door directly led us to the other bedroom (that my two girls took), which had a double bed, and included our bathroom.

Our bathroom had no door, which for me, meant no privacy when showering (yes, I’m not normally the type of girl that doesn’t mind being seen naked by her girls, so as you can imagine I at first wasn’t impressed). However, as time went on I got used to it, and didn’t mind being seen butt naked in the shower (LOL!) The toilet was right in between the sink, and the shower. I’ve got to admit, wanting to do my business via the toilet with no door, wasn’t my idea of comfort.

There was no hot water, but prior to that holiday I was already used to taking cold showers when hot, so this was not a problem for me. My 2 girls downstairs often had access to hot water downstairs so some of us lot upstairs would often take showers there.

El Sagaya's rooftop- Image taken from TripAdvisor.
El Sagaya’s rooftop- Image taken from TripAdvisor.

Raid El Sagaya was in the centre of the vibrant medina. It had a rooftop sun terrace for people to enjoy the lovely African sunshine, however I did not take the opportunity to do so.The wifi worked perfectly and so I’d often regularly keep in contact with my folks in London, as well as post snaps to my Instagram.

Our £110 deal also included breakfast. This often consisted of the local pancakes, bread, freshly squeezed orange juice (believe me when I say that I miss it) and my new love, traditional Moroccan Mint Tea.

The customer service that we received at this Riad was exceptional. They were really accommodating. Especially Yassine. He would tell us about the best places to go to, open the door for us to enter the Riad late at night without complaining, converse with us anytime he was free and genuinely made us feel welcomed.

Unfortunately, 1 thing let this Riad down. ANTS. There were often ants crawling all over our bathroom (the girls downstairs did not experience this issue). I wasn’t particularly bothered by it, but lets just say, my girl wasn’t happy when I woke her up 1 morning to inform her that I could see millions of ants crawling all over her bed as she slept in it.

As soon as we reported this incident, the Riad’s cleaners came to clean our room. They informed us that the issue with ants was beyond their power, but they would try their best to keep it to a minimum. Unfortunately my girl did not feel comfortable after this experience, and so we did not spend the full duration of our stay here (We spent 3 nights).

Stay posted to find out what happened when we left…….


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