Riad Hamdane et Spa– Morocco, Marrakech.

So after the Ants incident at Riad El Sagaya (check previous post https://missboansi.com/2015/05/30/riad-el-sagaya-morocco-marrakech/) 2 of my girls wasted no time in finding a new place for us to spend the remainder of our holidays.

I have no idea how much this Riad costs in Dirhams (Moroccan currency), but in pounds we paid £40 for 3 nights.

This Riad was absolutely beautiful. It’s also about 5 minutes away from Jemaa el Fna (The Square/Market place).

Image taken from TripAdvisor.
Image taken from TripAdvisor.
Image taken from TripAdvisor.
Image taken from TripAdvisor.


A guy called Mustafa who I’m assuming works with this Riad in order to lure in customers informed and reassured us that for the first night, 4 of us would sleep in 1 room, and the other 2 would sleep in a different room at another part of the Riad. He told us that after the 1st night, we’d have two rooms side by side, in which half of us would be in 1, and the other, in the 2nd room.

Yeah, you guessed it……

Image taken from http://www.pinstopin.com/the-test-determined-that-was-a-lie/
Image taken from http://www.pinstopin.com/the-test-determined-that-was-a-lie/

3 of us ended up staying in a room on the ground floor, while the other 3 were 2 FLOORS UP!

In terms of customer service, Said, Raymond, the cooks & cleaners were friendly. However, when Said or Raymond were not around, anyone else who took over the reception desk, failed to provide good service. Even when we needed help with finding out where the best places to have a good evening/night out were, no one could provide us with any suggestions.

We also had DAILY issues with hot water. In my previous post, I stated that having a cold shower isn’t an issue for me, however, sometimes the water wouldn’t work at this Riad AT ALL! When we would report this issue, our complaints were treated as a joke, or we were told that nothing could be done about it. On one occasion, the guy on the reception desk (I can’t remember his name) told us that he was on the phone trying to solve our hot water problem, and that normally he would have finished his shift. My girls and I thought “great, he is actually going to sort it out for us before he leaves”, oh how wrong we were. He left, and the issue was not resolved until the following morning (temporarily).

The Wi-Fi at this Riad works in certain parts of the hotel, but when you’re in your room it does not work at all.

If you ask me, this hotel is predominately about its appearance/looking good, but lacks in the customer service department, as well as honesty. A classic example of how looks aren’t everything! Ha!


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