Wini Boansi is a British-born Ghanaian. A highly qualified media graduate with 10+ years of multi-national experience at major organisations including BBC 1Xtra, Angel FM 96.1 and Vox Africa TV. Her distinctive competence in producing content, presenting, scriptwriting, filming, branding, social media management, radio, video editing and overall contribution to greater engagement showcases her belief that it is not imperative to be placed in one box.


Having gained over 32 thousand views on her Locs & Life YouTube channel over the past year: Wini empowers women by sharing messages about body positivity, personal experiences including her recent battle with depression, advice on how to live a fulfilling life & hair care tips on how to maintain luscious locs. This blog is also used in the same manner.


Women are beautiful beings that ought to know and feel so. Society often puts a lot of pressure on women, forcing the notion that all women should be or behave in a certain way. Wini disagrees with such ridiculous opinions, and makes it known via her simple, bold and informative content.


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